ASCIRA is a global company created to provide solutions to the number one need most people have around the world – the need and desire to increase their income.

Our MISSION is to provide great values and exceptional benefits to empower people and elevate their mindsets to unleash their maximum potential, to improve their quality of life while embracing the modern era of living.

Our vision is to connect Beyond a Billion people around the world through the integration of three of the most powerful industries under one umbrella: Network Marketing, Social Media and E-Commerce, while offering our valued IMA’s one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the industry.

Knowledge is power.
It gives you the opportunity to change for the better.

ASCIRA academy is revolutionizing education; we are a Live Streaming On-Demand platform that provides content conducted by top authors, speakers, and business leaders around the world. ASCIRA Academy will allow members to manage their own learning space, which will ultimately help them develop a better and more in-depth understanding of their selected modules.

How does it work? 

With your Architects In Training the $499 starter pack is included and will be paid on your behalf by Architects Of Being Training Academy. By choosing this package you understand and acknowledge that ASCIRA is a different company and platform. Architects of Being will assist you with training each week on how to build your team in ASCIRA. After the 4 month payment of $499 the cost of the ASCIRA platform will cost $99-$129 a month. 

Following the blueprint to invite three then assist your team to invite three will pay for your monthly if you choose and follow the blueprint and training we lay out for you. 


Building a business while learning could be a challenge. We saw it as an opportunity to offer ASCIRA and teach how to invite others to earn while you learn. Offering a platform to build a business while you learn is one of our biggest missions. 

What's Included...

  • 4 months ASCIRA Academy
  • Activate all 3 Marketing Centers
  • Digital Business Kit
  • 4 months ASCIRA Smart Travel
  • 1 GENERAL Convention Ticket
  • Personal Wholesale Bonus
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